Understand the market before you design

The world is full of interesting product ideas. But the vast majority of the ones that succeed are ones that reflect a comprehensive understanding of the market.

Concurrent Strategies is committed to helping you understand consumer needs, consumer desires, and your product market—before you start to design new products or services.

Our management engagement and strategic planning services ensure that you harness the organizational intelligence of your own teams and get everyone on the same page before development begins.


DISCOVERYGet quantitative information about your customers, consumers, competitors, and the market.

Management Engagement

ENGAGEMENTInvolve your employees in the analysis of consumer and market research as it applies to your organization’s access to the market segments that are attracted to your brand.

Strategic Planning

TRANSFORMATIONPlan new products and programs based on existing and new segmentation research results and tailored analyses using a prescriptive approach.


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