Create your development roadmap

Transformational planning for products or services takes you beyond the data and trains you to focus and prioritize goals and targets for success.

Transformational planning enables you to create a roadmap of next steps for your upcoming product or service development work. This type of planning takes your organization beyond the current data and trains you to gather and analyze new information.

Product/service transformation planning:

  • Generates a blueprint the internal community embraces for next steps forward
  • Includes targets for both functional line planning and general business planning.
  • Clearly defines the roles of everyone involved in the implementation.
  • Develops primary goal statements and identifies strategies to achieve those goals
  • Identifies key contributor tactics
  • Sets tracking indicators and targets for expected achievement
  • Aligns concurrent product strategies and redefines your competitive space position to address a new product or service development focused on customers’ unmet needs


Lynette Seebohm has the total tool chest of planning and analytical skills. She was instrumental in establishing the process and implementation measures for the development of our clinical service line planning; she initiated and institutionalized an annual competitive market analysis report, and she was integrally involved in helping us establish and maintain internal systems of governance and management for our clinical strategic plan. She is an adept presenter and facilitator, and has significant expertise across the landscape of research, planning and organizational development.

—James R. Bardsley, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President, University of Utah Health Sciences

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