Using Knowledge for Restoration

What happens when manufacturers apply their manufacturing and industrial engineering knowledge to the environment? They create a 100-year-old self-sustaining forest in 10 years. Shubhendu Sharma did just that. He applied his industrial engineering skills developed at Toyota to recreate little chunks of forest habitat in just ten years right in our own backyards, workplaces and […]

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Curating your product management process

How do manufacturers keep product management evangelists engaged after product launch?  If we consider Concurrent’s recent survey results, cultivated from over 70 outdoor and specialty companies, the typical product management team size is between 1-5 members and they take 12-24 months to get a new product concept to market. Over 20% reported internal processes as […]

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How strategic planning improves your product development process

Are you new to product-line planning? Or are you an established professional who thinks your organization could be doing a better job of it? Pete Frickland, Principal of Concurrent Product Development, and I do an hour-long presentation titled Outside-In Planning: Tools and Techniques for Strategic Product Line Planning, that can help. It covers the key questions that product-line […]

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